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Vadi Istanbul For Sale

Vadi İstanbul Houses


Vadi İstanbul Mall consists of office, hotel, residence, terrace apartments and consists of 3 different types. The first completed type of Vadi Istanbul, consisting of Terrace, Garden and Boulevard section, Terrace section was built on an area of ​​51 thousand square meters. The entire construction was 1.300.000 square meters. Vadi İstanbul Teras consists of 1,111 apartments and there are many options from 1 + 1 to 5 + 1. There is an increasing interest in advertisements for sale or rent. Because social life and people are located in Vadi Istanbul. Shopping malls, cafes, gyms, pools are all located together. People can be socially and sportively active.


Vadi Istanbul Teras has attracted a lot of attention since it was put up for sale. It continues to attract attention with the structure, security, features of the houses and facilities within the site. Therefore, sales and rental prices also vary.


Vadi İstanbul is preferred by many Istanbul living people, especially since it hosts 300 brands on weekends. There is also the possibility of transportation by metro and bus.


Vadi Terrace Houses For Sale


The project and houses, which are far from the crowd and chaos of Istanbul, were also in great demand with their features. In addition, the vadi Istanbul apartments for sale and rental apartments are located in Sarıyer, where the project is located. There are also apartments for sale in the project because the project was completed in 2014 and some houses are in changing owners by buying and selling. There are those who want to sell their houses and settle in bigger ones or those who are thinking of renting out. Therefore, it is possible to find apartments for sale in Vadi Istanbul.


Vadi Terrace Houses Properties


Houses are equipped with smart home systems and have central heating system. Each apartment has all the household appliances and air conditioning. Established in Istanbul, an earthquake hazardous site, the site was made safe in terms of earthquakes. It was constructed in accordance with the regulations of earthquake resistant buildings. There are elevators, hoists, generators against power cuts, water tanks against water cuts. It is also advanced in security measures.


The site contains social life in many aspects. You can do your sports comfortably and do your shopping without getting too far from your home. There is even a school in the site. There are outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pool and children’s pool, sauna, Turkish bath, shopping mall, fitness center, cafe, gym and market, cinema in the site. There is also a football field, basketball court, tennis court and walking path. Vadi view and forest view also make people feel at peace.


Vadi İstanbul Sales Prices


The prices of Vadi İstanbul residences start from 1 million TL and vary between 10 million. The rents of 1 + 1 apartments start from 4.500 TL and the project, which has a choice from 1 room 1 hall to 5 rooms 1 hall, also varies in prices.


Prices have risen since the first moment it went on sale and continue to show. It is inevitable to be in demand with the features it contains. Prices will continue to rise as demand increases.