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Eclipse Maslak For Sale

Eclipse Maslak, The Rising Star of Istanbul


Every person wants to live in a beautiful neighborhood and a beautiful house. Sometimes it can be difficult for people to find both. However, due to the development of the real estate market today, it has become easier to find them together. If we want both a beautiful neighborhood and a beautiful house, we should analyze the city we live in well. Because every city has its own beautiful neighborhoods. However, after finding that beautiful neighborhood of our city, finding a beautiful house is there.


Istanbul Maslak


If Istanbul is the city we want to settle in, we will come across many beautiful neighborhoods. Good research should be done to find beautiful houses in beautiful neighborhoods with many of these numbers. One of the countless beautiful districts of Istanbul is undoubtedly Maslak.


Living in Maslak will be a privilege for everyone at Istanbul . If you are also living in a beautiful house in Maslak, you have entered the land of privileges.


Eclipse Maslak Apartments


So, where do you ask where can I find a beautiful house in Maslak, the beautiful district of Istanbul? Then you will need to turn the eyes to an apartment for sale in eclipse maslak. Eclipse Maslak is the rising star of Istanbul with its location and beauty. Eclipse Maslak is a living space where you can safely raise your children.


Eclipse Maslak apartments for sale are located in Sarıyer district of Istanbul. These apartments in one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul are waiting for you. It will also add great convenience to your life as it is located in a very central district.


 Eclipse Maslak Apartments Location


Eclipse Maslak apartments are located in Sarıyer, one of the most central districts of Istanbul. It brings Istanbul to you in terms of its neighborhood. You can reach the most popular places in Istanbul in a very short time.


Eclipse Maslak apartments, located on the Akasya street of Maslak district, attract attention with its proximity to Beşiktaş. For example, here you can reach Beşiktaş center in 21 minutes by car.


In addition, it is a great advantage to have public transportation at your feet as it is located in a central district.


 Introducing Eclipse Maslak Apartments


Eclipse Maslak apartments offer you a peaceful and comfortable life. Eclipse Maslak attracts attention as well as the location of the apartments.


Eclipse Maslak can have apartments in various structures from 1 + 0 to 4 + 1. In addition, each flat type has more than one model. For example, there are 7 types of 1 + 1 flats, B, B1, B2, 1B, 1B1, 2B, 2B1.


For those who want a terrace, 4 + 1 apartment types attract attention. The gross area of ​​4 + 1 terrace flat types is 191.01 square meters and the net area is 146.58 square meters. The terraces of these apartments consist of 51.24 square meters. The net area of ​​the 3 + 1-1B types of Eclipse Maslak apartments, Our interiors with its wide terrace, is 103.99 square meters.


Eclipse Maslak, which has many other types of flats, does not only offer large flats. In addition to this, it also offers the following to you.


A comfortable life


Fast access to the most beautiful places of Istanbul


Enjoying sitting in a beautiful neighborhood


A living space where your children can spend time