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About us

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Our office located in Maslak Region was founded by a team with great ideals and a realistic but serious vision. They endeavor to endlessly reflect the privileges of having completed the real estate and property management department and the difference between being a school and our distinguished customers, and then to other team members who are successful in the real estate consultancy profession, but also to other teammates who have succeeded in other sectors, All of our team possesses a professional qualification certificate that every consultant must obtain, as required by our profession. The team constantly strives to be open to education and development, and shows all the necessary labor and awareness to dominate the agenda and developments both legally and economically in the real estate sector. In order to produce solutions that meet the needs of our customers in every sense, we regularly try to keep the team up to date by receiving trainings by trainers who have been successful in certain fields and have signed many books. The main reason why the team is trained and experienced is that every customer is incredibly important to us and is seeking to maximize satisfaction as much as possible. We believe that there are 3 words that determine the vision of our team; These are Trust, Quality, Creativity, respectively.

Confidence :
Our customers are a company acquired vision of customer priority, taking place in addition to our always customers with the transparent service concept, unfortunately, in Turkey understand an endless insights that will purify their prejudices formed against traditional real estate office, while the largest faith while our customers are occasionally relevant to our industry by the media pumped side of negative news it is time for the people who have not been able to use some deficits that can use some deficits arising from the fact that our sector has not been legally put on a rail yet, and who have similar attitudes regardless of which sector they are in, so to speak, they come to our sector in a period of sector change journey, and the customers who come to other sectors are right afterwards. is to understand the concerns and follow the processes with transparency above what we see necessary. The reason behind our great emphasis on transparency is our clear attitude towards most real estate agencies making unfair profits that will upset customers and shake their budgets to keep the necessary information confidential. It is our efforts to achieve solid and long-term partnerships with our customers, which are transparent, are based on contracts and laws by making common profits, and who can survive for 10 years with our customers. Our goals are the happiness of our customers and the peace of their families.

Supporting our customers’ rightful quality service right with the best quality and problem-free contracts, by preparing contracts that will protect the parties in a moral and level manner, from our contracted legal advisor, by taking precautionary and disciplined measures before the problems that may occur in the future in a legal sense. Regardless of which side it is located, we try to equip and prepare for any situation that will be experienced throughout the process. In addition, with our understanding of continuous support, our pre-sales and after-sales supports are informative in every sense, and by providing quality support at the right to use in the property problems in the technical problems that arise in the use of property by providing quality, right price support in the apartments or offices obtained from us.

Our Brokers, Office Managers, Team Leaders, Consultants and Assistants are solution-oriented by focusing on practical solutions that will make a difference that is far from being traditional and constantly making difference, and to create permanent solutions first and then, if possible in the sector by keeping up with technological developments, through advertising portals or with our own web infrastructures. To make pioneering and leading initiatives by investing with developable ideas, to develop by investing in initiatives, to distinguish from traditional offices and by always investing in this direction, in our CRM program, which is our customer management system, primarily in social media, portals, our website www.plusgay Emlak.com.tr. Disciplined as a bank and closely following the real estate of its customers as much as an insurance company, adding reminder notifications to the dates of the tenants’ entry and exit, and automatically inform the owners of the real estate owners who visit their properties. By keeping the records of the works, contracts and the history of the real estate related to their real estate, by keeping the records of their tenants on the entrance and exit dates, the very serious servers will be rented but never really give up, by photographs and dates. is an organization that has a mission to protect its customers by paying prices.